Crocker Range National Park

Location: Sabah

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Address: Sabah Parks, Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Tambunan


The Crocker Range National Park is located 144 kilometers away from the city of Kota Kinabalu. The Crocker Range National Park is situated in the Crocker Range of Sabah and is located 13 kilometers from Keningau town, about 25-minute drive away.


It was in 1968 that the Crocker Range was designated to be a forest reserve. The Crocker Range Nature Park was when established in 1984 in order to protect the water catchments area which was the source of clean drinking water to the entire West Coast and the interior of Sabah. In 1996, it was renamed Banjaran Crocker and it managed by the Sabah Parks. Other reason of turning the Crocker Range to a forest reserve was also to safeguard the rich biodiversity and rare species of flora and fauna inhabiting the forest areas.

The Crocker Range divides the western coastal plains from the rest of Sabah on the south of the magnificent Mount Kinabalu. The Crocker Range is a vast 139,919 hectares of densely forested terrain located 300 meters above sea level. The Crocker Range National Park receives an average of 3000-4000 mm of rain a year making it as one of the highest precipitation area in Sabah. The water catchments in the park provides a vital source of drinking water as well as agriculture and industrial purposes to sustain the needs of more than a third of the population in Sabah.

The ecological significance at Crocker Range as well as in Borneo is recognize and listed in 'Global 200' by WWF, 'Endemic Bird Area' by Birdlife International, and 'Hotspots' by Conservation International. Borneo undeniably viewed as one of earth's mega-biodiversity areas. At present, the Sabah Parks have an estimated 500 people who live within the Crocker Range Park's surrounding and over 3000 hectares of land are still utilizes for agriculture purposes. The national park is the place to go to see for yourself the magnificent forest of the park. Years and years of untouched nature are still well preserved to be seen by visitor. This is a chance of a lifetime to see such well-protected forest. It would be a waste if your trip here is not well utilized. There are still many more places in Sabah which are worth visiting. Do consider extending your stay to fully immerse yourself in the multi-ethnic community in Sabah. Accommodations in Sabah are more than you can imagine. Thus it would not be a problem to extend your stay last minute.


To get to Keningau, you can either get on a bus or on a taxi. The bus will depart from the Merdeka field towards the Keningau bus station. From the Keningau Bus Station, you will need to get on another taxi to get you to the Crocker Range National Park.