Kelambu Beach

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Kelambu beach, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Kudat


For a private trip at a beach, the ideal place to go would be to Kelambu Beach. Although not very well known by the visitors, Kelambu Beach is indeed one of the best beaches in Sabah with its crystal clear waters and breath-taking stretch of white sandy beach. The waters here are suitable for various water activities like water skiing, swimming, snorkeling, speed boating and many more. On this wonderful beach, it is the best place to just lay back and relax with your loved ones either by taking a romantic stroll on the beach while enjoying the magnificent sunset or have a simple picnic to just take in the beauty of this beach.


The beach is a unique beach with two stretches of white sandy beaches with one each on the opposite ends of a small island. The beach of Kelambu is actually a public place but there is still a need for improvement in terms of its facilities. There are several resting pavilions for visitors to rest at and some barbeque pits for those who want to have a barbeque here.

Though not popular with the tourists but the Kelambu beach is a very popular spot among locals here. It is at the Kelambu beach where the locals gather together to celebrate the new year's eve every year. Though not was famous as other beaches in Sabah, the Kelambu beach is indeed one of the best beaches in Sabah with clear blue sea and amazing sandy beaches with many islands surrounding it.

Accommodations in Sabah are plentiful if you want to extend your visit here. There are many more beaches and islands which are worth visiting.


The Kelambu Beach is located in Kudat which is located about 3 hours drive from the city of Kota Kinabalu. It is best to rent a car to Kudat or the other option would be to join a chartered tour group.