Kipandi Butterfly Farm

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Kampung Kipandi, Moyog, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Kota Kinabalu


The Kipandi Butterfly Park is located in the Crocker Range which consists of a series of complex high altitude hills which can be up to 1500 meters. The butterfly park is situated in Moyog, Penampang and is at 700 meters in altitude in the heart of the Crocker Range. The park is one which is surrounded by breath-taking lush greenery of the forest. Take a stroll along these paths will transfer you to a paradise with the sounds of the cicadas in the background and myriads of butterflies sipping happily on the nectars of flowers. There are over 100 species of butterflies which have been found and recorded inside the enclosure.


The Kipandi Butterfly farm is the home of some of the rarest butterfly species such as the Rajah Brooke and golden birdwings. The breeding of these two breeds is a joint effort of the Sabah Wildlife department with the farm to release these rare butterflies in the forest to repopulate these threatened species. Since the start of the program, several hundred of these two species of butterflies have been released into the forest. Other than the butterfly farm, there is also the Insects Museum which is the first private museum in Sabah. The collection of insects here will blow you away as the collection is made up of a wide range of insects of great diversity of shapes, sizes and colors. The museum has more than 500 butterflies and 3000 beetles as their exhibit. There are also exhibits of species only found in the Crocker Range such as the cyclommatus chewi.

Also, there are special enclosures that have been built to house some of the endangered and rare orchids and pitcher plants of Sabah. This is also a joint project with the Sabah Wildlife Department. There is also an essential botanical collection in the park for scientists and specialist to study on the 500 species of native orchids which grow well in the park.

There are indeed many places of interest in Sabah. It would be a shame if you could only plan a short trip as there is so much that you will miss. However, if you do want to extend your stay, do not worry about where to stay as the accommodations in Sabah are more than you can imagine.


The butterfly park can be reached by the long-distance bus to Tambunan and Keningau or via taxi.