Kota Kinabalu (KK) Wetlands

Location: Sabah

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Address: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Kota Kinabalu


The Kota Kinabalu Wetlands is located just two kilometers north-east of Kota Kinabalu It is actually in Likas and was formerly known as the Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary. The Kota Kinabalu Wetlands is an area that covers a mangrove forest of 60 acres. The wetlands were initially used as a model wetland center for the purpose of education, recreation, tourism, conservation and research. The Sabah Wetlands Conservation Society manages the Kota Kinabaly Wetlands.


By walking on a 1.5 kilometer walkway, you will be directed deeper into the mangrove. Here, you will see an extraordinary ecosystem where land meets sea. This 45-minute walk on the boardwalk will grant you the chance of enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of fresh air, while watching various kinds of birds, plants and wildlife.

The Kota Kinabalu Wetlands was initially the bird sanctuary of Kota Kinabalu in 1996 as it is a vital area of refuge and also feeding ground for various species of resident birds as well as the migratory birds from the Northern Asia. The more commonly seen birds at the wetlands are the Greenshank, Redshank, egrets, herons, collared kingfisher, stork-billed kingfisher and the sandpiper. As of today, as many as 80 species of birds have been sighted and identified at the sanctuary. There are also many other creatures that live in the wetlands. Among them are the butterflies, weaver ants, mudskippers, jellyfish, water snakes and mud lobsters.

Other than this self-guided walk, there are other activities that can be done here at the wetlands. There are also the Environmental Education programs, corporate programs and bird-watching session while you are here. With this many things to do at just one location, imagine what you can do in Sabah. Accommodations in Sabah are plentiful thus do not worry about not having a place to stay if you want to suddenly want to extend your stay here.


You can opt for a bus ride to get here. You will need to take the No.1 bus which goes towards Likas from the bus station in front of City Hall or Wawasan Plaza. After you reach Likas Square, turn right into the Signal Hill till you get to the third junction on the left.