Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Jalan Lintas Labuk, P.O.Box 819,
90709 Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
Office Number: +608 9672 133 /+608 9672 177 (Sunday)
Fax Number: +608 9230 708
Opening Hours: Platform A : 09:00 hrs & 14:30 hrs
Platform B : 11:30 hrs & 16:30 hrs
Feeding Times : Daily

District » Sandakan


The Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary is located in the center of the mangrove forest of Semawang. This is a privately owned sanctuary which is located in an oil palm estate. This sanctuary grants you the chance of observing the Proboscis Monkeys up close. The male Proboscis monkeys have big dangling noses, reddish flat-top hairstyles, white tails and markings and pot bellies while the females are much smaller in size and have up-turned noses.


The Labuk Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Sabah is a 400 acres land, privately owned for the use of protecting the endangered Proboscis monkeys. The sanctuary houses 60 proboscis monkeys at the mangrove forest which was initially planned to be developed commercially. Fortunately, in 1994, it was set aside and opened to the public. Most of the native habitat of the proboscis monkeys has been made way for palm oil plantations, they would not stand much chance to survive if there was no refuge for them.

The proboscis monkeys are one of the strangest and most endangered primates in the world. You will never forget seeing the proboscis monkey after the first time you have seen it. The monkeys are native only to Borneo and only about 7000 proboscis monkeys remaining in the wild as of today and 2000 of them are in Sabah. Their number has decreased significantly over the years due to loss of habitat. These monkeys are highly reclusive and to try to spot one in the wild can prove to be quite a challenge. It is only at the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary that visitors will be able to see these endangered primates in action in asemi-wild environment.

Also at the sanctuary, visitors can also indulge in some bird watching, river cruises, night and morning walks. These activities gives visitors the chance to see an array of birds, animals as well as a variety of plants in the sanctuary. This indeed is a must visit place for nature lovers. Sabah has many places of interest to offer to its visitors. It is not surprising to find visitors who extend their stay last minute in Sabah. If you do want to have a longer stay, accommodations in Sabah are more than you can think of. So do not worry and enjoy your stay here.


The best way to get to the sanctuary is by driving along Jalan Labuk. Turn off at the SPS 3 junction at Mile 19. The sanctuary is only about 1.5 kilometers along this road.