Libaran Island

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Pulau Libaran, Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Sandakan


It is at the northeast coast of Sandakan where there Libaran Island is found. This small island is perfect for those searching for some quiet place to relax. Many have said that the charm of this little island lies in its simplicity. It has a long stretch of beach, crystal clear waters and beautiful sunsets that gets visitors coming again and again. In the evening, it is recommended to go on the river cruise in the mangrove forest or enjoy an experience of night fishing.


The Libaran Island is the place to go to for a well-deserved trip to relax. This island does not have a long or large beach. The beach here is relatively small but this is where you get to have some private time without any interruption. The view here is simply breath-taking and amazing with the crystal clear water just outside the cottage where you can opt to stay. There are times that you could be the only guest on the island other than the villagers here. That is how private it can get on this island.

The village on the island is a small and quiet place surrounded by plenty of palm trees. The villagers here are friendly and warm. Here you will be able to see how these villagers carry out their daily routine. Villagers here are mainly boat makers, fishermen or fishnet-makers. A stay at the Libaran Island will send you back to living at the very basic necessities in life like how these villagers have since decades ago.

Accommodations are available on the Libaran Island for you to enjoy and relax at this very basic island. If you would like to extend your stay, there are many other accommodations in Sabah that you can consider. They range from the budget hotels to the high-end ones. The choice depends on your preference as well as the budget you can afford.


To get to Libaran Island, you will need to get to the Sabah Parks jetty which is located at the Jalan Buli Sim Sim in Sandakan. The boat departs at 10am daily and returns at 7am.