Mount Trus madi (Gunung Trusmadi)

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Tambunan


The Trasmadi Forest Reserve is bordered by three districts, Ranau which is up north, Tambunan which is on the west, Keningau which is down south and Sook in the east. It is located 70 kilometers southeast of Kota Kinabalu. This forest reserve is classified as a Class 1 Forest Reserve and it covers 184,527 hectares of land.


Standing at 2,642 meters high, Mount Trasmadi is the second highest mountain in Sabah and Malaysia after Mount Kinabalu. Although it may not be the tallest, it is said to offer a tougher challenge to its climbers as compared to Mount Kinabalu. In order to reach the summit from the starting point, climbers have to trek through 4.9 kilometers of heavily foliaged forest. The Mount Trasmadi is made up of five different types of vegetation which is a mixture of lowland mixed dipterocarps, hill mixed dipterocarp forest, lower montane forest, upper montane forest and summit scrub.

The slopes of Mount Trasmadi are rather steep and winding. It really is not easy for one to trek up the slopes of Mount Trasmadi. The forest's rich vegetation acts as a habitat for birds, wild animals as well as a number of exotic floras such as orchids and several types of beneficial medicinal plants. Do take the chance to spot the unique pitcher plant which is call the Nepenthes Trusmadiensis. It is a natural hybrid between Nepenthes lowii and Nepenthes macrophylla which is endemic to Mount Trasmadi alone

Also, do not miss the chance to walk along the Taman Bunga which is filled with colorful flowers at certain times of the year. Having reached the summit of Mount Trasmadi at dawn is an experience you will never forget as you will be enraptured by a breath-taking vista of Mount Kinabalu that lies about 40 kilometers north.Accommodations in Sabah are more than you can imagine. Do consider extending your stay to visit as many places of interest as you can.


To reach Trasmadi Forest Reserve will take about 2 hours via 4-wheeled drive from Kota Kinabalu.