Sipadan Island

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Semporna


The exclusive Sipadan Island is located in the Celebes Sea. The island was formed thousands of years ago on top of and extinct volcanic cone. From there, corals started to grow there and that was the precursor of the island. Slowly and gradually, it grew and grew to 600 meters from the seabed. The marine life here is the reason why the Sipadan Island is so famous. It has the most diverse marine life in the world and is also known as a top diving site among diving enthusiasts.


Back in 1933, the Sipadan Island was only recognized as a bird sanctuary. It was in 2004 that all facilities on the island were shutdown to preserve its prized wealth of lush greenery and diverse creatures living on the island as well as underwater. The Sipadan Island is located at the center of the Indo-Pacific basin where it is known to be the richest underwater habitat in the entire world. Other than being rich in marine life, Sipadan Island is also renowned for the large number of turtles that live there. It is a common sight to see such magnificent creatures swim underwater.

The Sipadan Island is also the sacred place which safeguards more than 3000 species of fish and hundreds of species of corals. The jungle on the island is the home to many species of exotic birds like the Grey Imperial-pigeon. Tourists who have gotten to the island will be amazed with what they are about to see. For a small island like Sipadan, its beauty is by far better than many islands in the world. It is rated by many to be one of the top five diving destinations in the world. The best time to dive here is between January and August when the water is so clear that visibility underwater is over 30 meters. But do bear in mind that the currents here may be quite tough for beginners. That is why guides usually bring tourists to easier routes to avoid having that complication.

Fishing is not allowed on the island to preserve the ecosystem here. Corals, sand or dead shells are prohibited from being collected. This island is so exclusive that everyone who wishes to visit the island will be required to get a special permit. The island is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life. The best time to visit Sipadan is between April and June but the best time to watch turtles lay their eggs would be between May and August. There are plenty of other places to visit and see in Sabah. Do not miss the chance to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Sabah. Accommodations in Sabah are plentiful and ranges from a wide price range that will suit your budget.


You can take a flight to Tawau and then get on a bus to reach to Semporna where the island is at. And from Semporna, the speedboat ride to Sipadan Island will take about an hour plus. If you do not want to wait for the bus from Tawau to Semporna, you can also take a taxi there from the Tawau Airport to Semporna.