Tuaran Crocodile Farm

Location: Sabah

Location Info

Address: Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia
Office Number: +608 8793 377 (Crocodile Farm office) / +608 8448 622 (Admin office)
Opening Hours: (Daily) 08:00hrs - 17:30 hrs
Crocodile Show Times: Monday - Saturday: 11:30hrs & 15:00hrs
Sunday & Public Holidays :11:00hrs, 13:00hrs & 15:00hrs
Crocodile Feeding Times: Daily: 09:00hrs, 10:30hrs, 12:00hrs, 12:45hrs, 13:30hrs, 14:15hrs, 16:15hrs & 16:45hrs
Cultural Dance: Monday - Saturday: 11:30hrs - 15:30hrs Sunday & Public Holidays :11:30hrs, 13:30hrs & 15:30hrs

District » Tuaran


The Tuaran Crocodile Farm is located 32 kilometers from the city of Kota Kinabalu. It was in 2004 that this crocodile farm was opened. At the moment, it is a sanctuary for about 5000 crocodiles. Among the types of crocodiles kept here in this farm are the Aqua Crocodile, Gharial Crocodile, Nile Crocodile and Buaya Tembaga.


The crocodile farm is an 11-acre farm which is also the home for a number of other animals such as the two Borneo Anacondas which measures at 28 feet and 20 feet each. There are also the Binturong bearcats, ostriches, deer as well as ponds of catfish and koi fish. Sometimes, the baby crocodiles are also displayed in the nursery.

The farm began primarily only in the activity of crocodile breeding. Right now, it has progressed tremendously to housing so many other animals and 5000 crocodiles. Here at the farm, there are crocodile shows which will have you on the edge of your seats as you watch the performers get up close with the giant crocodiles there. These performers have been thoroughly trained and educated to perform such acts. Watch in awe as the performers master the art in controlling and commanding these reptiles. These shows usually last about 15 minutes each but they are guaranteed to keep you excited throughout the whole show.

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From Kota Kinabalu, visitors can take a bus to Tuaran which will take approximately 40 minutes. From Tuaran, visitors will need to take another bus to Kampung Laya-Laya. Total cost for both the bus rides will be RM4.50.