Semporna Island

Location: Sabah

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Address: Semporna Island, Sabah, Malaysia

District » Semporna


The Semporna Island is the point of departure to the world's best diving destinations in the world which are the Sipadan Island, Mataking Island, Mabul Island and Kapalai Island.


'Semporna' literally translates to perfect in the Bajau and Malay language. It really does reflect the island of Semporna where is really is that perfect. The island has breath-taking scenery with pure white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters lapping over multi-colored reefs and coconut palms swaying softly with the blowing breeze. The Semporna Island is rich with fishes of all kinds, shells, pearls, sea cucumbers and in the more recently years have started with seaweed farming. These are the reasons how Semporna Island managed to attract many seafarers and fisher-folks to the island.

Bajau people who lived here long ago used to live on boats all their lives. Today, they live along the coasts where they continue being seafarers. Semporna celebrates a unique festival called the Regatta Lepa every April of the year. During the festival, thousands sail into town in various kinds of boats including the lepa and jungkong which are well-decorated just for the festival. If you intend to visit the water-villages, seaweed farms, swim and snorkel, arrangements can be made to explore the islands off Semporna. It is also at Semporna where you can get the freshest and cheapest seafood.

There are many other attractions in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Do not miss out on the chance to go for jungle trekking at the Kinabalu Park. The Kinabalu Park is a famous tourist spot as it is Malaysia's first Heritage Site and houses over 5000 species of plants and animals. There are many activities which you can try at the park. There are adventures and sports related activities as well as activities which allows you to rest and relax. Over in Sandakan, there is the Orang Utan Sanctuary which helps rehabilitate orphaned and confiscated orang utans. Here you will get a chance to have a close up on these incredible creatures. Shopping malls are not plentiful in Kota Kinabalu but the hotels in Kota Kinabalu are everywhere. Do remember to book earlier to avoid disappointment during the peak season.


The best way to get to Semporna Island is by getting on a bus or a flight to Tawau. Upon reaching at Tawau, it will be an hour's drive from Tawau to Semporna Island.